How does a GPS tracking system

What is GPS?

GPS initials derived from the Global Positioning System, or the Romanian Global Positioning System, is a system that is based on a series of communications between satellites and their receiving stations on earth.

Essentially, the GPS uses satellites as reference points to calculate depending on desired positions. There are numerous types of devices that use GPS and positioning accuracy depending on their type and level can be even centimeters.

EPSON DSC picture

A fuller explanation of some technical and operation of the GPS is as follows. On the basis of the measurement system used for GPS is a procedure called triangulation. This procedure involves measuring the distance using the travel time of radio waves.

Needless to exact positioning of satellites in space and at the end of a radio signal correcting errors that may occur during signal propagation. The idea of such technology came from the U.S. Department of Defense, which considered this useful technology in the military. Today, GPS has penetrated into everyday life is a common presence in cars, computers and our phones.

The most common uses of gps phone tracker are: determining the different locations to establish routes between two or more locations, creating maps or (what interests us) monitor the movement of people or objects.

GPS Tracking Systems

The need to monitor came due to various reasons related to security, management and better communication in any type of system.

Next, I made a small list of the most common uses for GPS tracking systems:


In trade, transport vehicles to monitor efficiency and ensure safety for rail lines, aircraft or ships

Streamlining services provided by the police, ambulance and fire (in this case using GPS Automatic Vehicle Location, which involves identifying sites where we have to intervene and intervention nearest unit)

Applications related to national security and public

Securing valuables

Monitoring for personal

A generic example tracking system that uses Global Positioning System would look something like this. Such a system has three main components: program monitoring, server and mobile terminal (or receiver) GPS. I will take each one.

The monitoring program – usually represented by a computer running specific software visualization and monitoring, together with associated maps.

Communication server – is permanently connected by Internet / GPS with mobile terminals emit signals to it.

The mobile terminal (handset) – must contain an antenna and a GPS receiver, a small processor and depending on the uses special sensors that transmit specific data required.

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