Competitiveness of the automobile industry in Europe

Competitiveness of the automobile industry in Europe


Engineering competitiveness of European industry was analyzed in a large study. The report confirms that, due to its ability to create added value and performance in terms of exports, machine constructions is a major contributor to GDP and trade balance in EU. Automobile  However, mainly due to the global economic crisis, the sector has suffered losses in terms of productivity and a worsening price competitiveness compared to other international competitors. Machinery industry is a major supplier of capital goods, including machinery, rquipment and many other industrial sectors. It is positioned as an enhacer of innovation. This sector will play a key role in achieving the objectives on climate change and energy set out in the Europe of 2020 strategy, since it is the main factor capable of providing efficient products and processes of resources and energy. This strategic european sector recorded impressive global performance. However, without a consistent strategy in terms of production, the industry is likely to fail in the face of new global challenges.

Champion of exports

EU survey indicates that european engineering industry is one of the only sectors that recorded trade surplus in trade with the world. Over the past decade, average productivity of european machine production was much higher than the manufacturing industry, registering higher wage levels compared to the average in manufacturing. Moreover, productivity growth in the machine – building industry was faster than the overall manufacturing industry and gross value added generated by the sector grew despite the poor economic environment in 2009. Also, power of machinery industry in export markets has stimulated the growth of markets outside the EU.  Automobile This can be seen in the improvement of the trade balance of the sector, which grow from  € 49.4 billion in 2000 to € 119.3 billion in 2010. Machinery industry plays an active role throughout the economy, supporting it through its products. It influences the development of other industries and contribute to the essential modification of the structure of the national economy or of particular regions. Automobile industry bears the largest share of industrial production in developed countries (30-45%), it comprises 30% of the worldwide workforce involved in the industry.


Britain is the country with one of the most developed economies of the world, the industrial revolution was triggered, 6th in the world in terms of GDP. It has natural resources, diverse industry is diversified. Construction machines are in London, Leeds, Manchester. In Britain distinguish 3 major industrial regions: West Midlands conurbation – located in the central part of the main center of Birmingham, producer of passenger cars and conurbation West-Lorshire, electrical and electronic products.  France – has the largest and most numerous factories concentrated in the North-west IG polarized vast metropolis of Lille (Saint-Quentin, Jeumont, Maubeuge Douai, Saint-Laurent-Blangy, Tives Lille, Valenciennes Marly-les etc. .) in the industrial region Lyon (Vénissieux, Balbigny, Saint-Champaud) and Banlieue the Haririan (Mantes, Le Bourget, La Courneuve, Sevran, Vitry). French production of railway material is concentrated large industrial groups such as Alstlion, MTE, CEM. Incidentally, in the entire geographical area of western Europe there are many groups in the world vocation traction equipment. Automobile

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