January 2017

What permissions does snapchat require?

Every app needs certain permissions from the user before getting successfully installed into the phone. Although many people tend to get irritated when the permissions pop up, it is very important to read them carefully.


It will determine the amount of your information that the app will have access to. Refrain from casually tapping your way through without reading. Many apps may be asking for some of your more private data, which will enable them to attain data about your location, SMS, call log and so on.


Some apps may even share your personal information with third parties without your knowledge.

Therefore, the app permission system makes the apps ask exactly the permissions they require. Therefore, it would be wise not to turn off the permission notifications and let the app have blind access to all your stored data.

If you accept all conditions, the app will be successfully installed into your phone and if you do not, you may have to do away with the app. however, to make the matters easier for you to handle, you can install a permission managing app into your phone.


This will scan through all the apps and let you see exactly the permissions that are required by the different app. you will have a clear cut idea about what is happening on your phone, and you can manage your apps accordingly.Permission explorer and permission observatory are two such apps.

Just like all other apps, even snapchat requires a few permission before getting fully installed. the list of permissions is shown below.

  1. identity
  2. contacts
  3. location
  4. SMS
  5. photos/media/files
  6. camera
  7. microphone
  8. wi-fi connection information

Although snapchat hack will not have access to these initially when you are not using the app; it will easily have access as soon as you open your account. It may be quite creepy to think that the app will have access to all these even when you are not using it actively.

So the fact that whether snapchat is safe for the users rests heavily. No doubt that the personal information of about 4.5 million users was held at risk when a major hacking occurred in the December of 2013.

However, access to these features is important for the app to function normally, since the app is all about live media sharing, making voice and video calls, texting and much more. By scanning your contact, the app shows you friend suggestions and allows you to send friend requests. By locating your GPS position, the app allows access to certain filters.

Geo filters are those filters that are scattered around the world depending on the geographical location, population, culture and so on. By having access to your media folders, the app lets you share previously stored media.

Other information that snapchat collects about you is your username, password, email id, phone number and facebook id. Getting hold of your facebook id will help the app to find friends for you. Howevr, you may choose not to provide your facebook id as it is optional.